The Breakdown: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Teaser Trailer

Catching Fire HeaderThe first trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was released earlier this week, and though it doesn’t actually show a lot of what the whole film will contain, it shows enough to tide us over until the next trailer comes along.

0:12 – I spy with my little eye… Darth Vader in the crowd!

0:19 – Did those guards get new helmets?  I feel like last time it was more inspired by riot gear, whereas here the design looks like mechs from Mass Effect or something.  Must be trying to dehumanize the capitol even more.

0:25 – “She’s not who they think she is.”  Whatever, old man.  Go trim your roses.  She’s like Batman.  An idea, an inspiration.  She is whatever the people need her to be and you cannot take that away!  Go Katman!

0:38 – Shut your face, Philip Seymour Hoffman!  The right way for her to die would be in her bed from old age, and we know that’s not what you evil men are plotting!  Well, those of us who have read the book know.  And for those of you who haven’t read it, you can’t complain if someone tells you the big element of the story that has not been revealed, because there is no way you are making it to the movie’s release without knowing what that is.  Heck, the next trailer better at least hint at it.

0:43 – I just said she was a symbol.  Write your own lines.

0:48 – “The odds are never in our favor.”  Well, you weren’t chosen for The Hunger Games if you were able to graffiti this on the wall, so technically Effie would call you a liar.  But her makeup might also be killing her braincells.

0:49 – “Show them she is one of us now.”  If doing what you’re going to eventually do is how you treat your own, then I don’t want to know how you treat your enemies.

1:03 – Yeah, that’s not how you stop a resistance.  And the only way they would hate her in this moment is if she was the one pulling the trigger.  So this will probably backfire.  See what I did there?  Cuz there was a gun?  Yeah… it was stupid…

1:04 – Peeta, that’s really rude.  A bullet going into someone’s head is not the same as a football going through the uprights!

1:18 – Oh goodness… Effie is back!

1:36 – I know Prim is saying something important, but all I can think about is wonder what they’re doing.  Best guess is they ran out of paper and are drawing in dirt.

1:40 – Where the heck are Katniss and Gale?  Those are some pretty big cranes in the background.

1:45 – Bah what would the audience of the games think if they saw you with another man!  They’d freak out, but I wouldn’t.  I was team Gale for a long time since he had that whole best friend growing up thing on his side, but I’m pretty sure I was team Peeta in the end.  It’s hard to explain without a whole lot of spoilers, I just hope that they’re able to depict the struggle going on in Katniss’s mind between the boys more this time around since the first film didn’t quite capture everything that reading her inner monologues filled the reader in on.

1:51 – Rude!  And again, punching her in the face is not going to tear supporters from her side.  So fail on your part.

1:59 – Wouldn’t that be the biggest curveball ever if he actually just shot her here?  Talk about artistic license when it comes to the rest of the story!

2:05 – He does realize we’re all the same species, right?  You’d figure he would have gotten a decent education on his side of the tracks.

2:11 – “The other victors.  Because of her they all pose a threat.  Because of her, they all think they’re invincible.”  If you haven’t read the book, think long and hard on what he could mean by this, then you’ll know what lies ahead for Katniss.  Or just read the book.  You’ll come to the answer much sooner.

2:18 – Ugh… November.  F that I want it now!

Final Thoughts: Like the trailers for The Hunger Games, this one for Catching Fire was made without really exploring a large percentage of what will be in the film.  Instead, it is more used to just set up the mood in the districts now that Peeta and Katniss have survived the games, continuing on from where the first film left off.  I can’t wait to see what is to come!

Also, be sure to take a closer look at the poster with the mockingjay pendant.  There’s a nice detail showing a major element of what is to come if you know what to look for.  Think “time.”

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