The Breakdown: Man of Steel Trailer 3

Man_of_Steel_trailer headerNot that the others were disappointments or anything, but this was the Man of Steel trailer I’ve been waiting for.  Check it out after the break!

0:01 – KRYPTON NO!!!!

0:06 – What the heck are all those ships shooting at?  Didn’t Krypton die because of problems within the planet?  Did the dragonflies eat it!?

0:07 – It’s sad to see a whole planet go, but I will sleep better knowing that those giant dragonflies aren’t out there.  I’ve got enough to worry about, like ET.

0:14 – “Goodbye, my son.  Our hopes and dreams travel with you.”  I don’t think my dad would have said anything this profound and awesome to me.  Granted, I am also a girl.

0:16 – Oh my God, that’s awesome.  His own ship is abducting him!

0:24 – I think Jor-EL missed the point on that one. It’s not that that they would be unable to kill him that matters, but that they’d want to in the first place.

0:38 – Stupid butterfly, get out of here! (Sidenote – I may have an irrational fear of butterflies)

0:41 – I hope he plays catch with this dog like he did in Superman Returns.  I loved that part…

0:55 – Every time I see this part of the trailers I just want to smack this woman in the face.  She sounds so upset, concentrating more on the fact that Clark lifted the bus than that he saved her son.  Just like Lex in Smallville…  Just be grateful!

1:07 – Say it with me now, “Awwwwwww.”  We love you Papa Kent.

1:10 – Still can’t get used to seeing Superman with a beard.  With that said, I really want to watch him shave it.  That is easily worth a scene.

1:11 – Guess he hasn’t developed his powers yet?  Cuz there are much faster ways to travel.

1:20 – “I have to believe you were sent here for a reason.  And even if it takes the rest of your life, you owe it to yourself to find out what that reason is.”  With that said, please don’t take that long.

1:25 “How do you find someone who has spent a lifetime covering his tracks?”  Why would she be searching for Clark?  This is what the trailer implies, so I guess his early heroics got around, or something?  Clearly he just needs to get some glasses already so no one connects the dots.

1:30 – At least the visual effects team doesn’t have to worry about putting sweat on him after they added the flames in.  Superman’s considerate like that.

1:34 – Look! Limited edition Superman lipstick lids!  Or it could be a key.  With that said, red is Superman’s color.

1:36 – Those are some weird looking crystals…

1:52 – I’ll bring the sunscreen!

1:52 (cont.) – All I can think of during this speech is how much Russell Crowe sounds like Maximus.

2:10 – I have no idea what just happened!

2:14 – Any one else think that Zod teaser was pretty awesome?  It actually was a better intro to the character than this, but it was nice to put a face to the voice.

1:59 – Are there just going to be cracks in the concrete all over Metropolis?  Superman might want to start practicing some gentler takeoffs.

2:19 – I’m so glad we don’t travel by meteor.  That just looks painful!

2:21 – Clark is wearing a KU shirt!  Superman and I pretty much just have to get married now!

2:26 – What uniform is that?

2:27 – Goodness, and I thought Henry Cavill looked good in Immortals.  That was actually one of the reasons why I couldn’t see him in this role, though, because I could only imagine him as how lean he was in that film.  But he definitely transformed himself into Superman for this.  And he’s masking his accent nicely as well.

2:43 – “Well here it’s an ‘S.'”  This trailer sure showed us a whole heck of a lot, but this was actually my favorite part of it.  When casting was initially announced I didn’t really see Amy Adams as Lois Lane because she just didn’t look like her to me, but I never doubted her ability to get the character right.  This scene proves that she can be Lois Lane.  What’s more, the chemistry between the two is amazing.

2:47 – Apparently the “S” stands for “s’cuse me.”  And now all I can think about is that this is the sound Superman makes when he toots…

2:49 – Ooo air fight!  Bet it will be as cool as watching Spider-man fight baddies on the sides of buildings!

Final Thoughts: Ok, Man of Steel, you’ve officially won me over.  All doubts forgotten, even if you are still a little dark.

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