Music Review: Allison Weiss’ ‘Say What You Mean’

allisonweisssliverAllison Weiss latest effort Say What You Mean brings a punky charm to a rather plastic singer/songwriter scene.

To be honest, I never had heard of Allison until the Alternative Press 100 Artists You Need to Know issue came to my door. Her Op-Ed sold me on her and what she can bring to the table when it comes to the singer/songwriter genre. Comparing her to the wonderful Rilo Kiley doesn’t hurt anything either. So jumping into her newest release Say What You Mean, I was expecting – and received – some much needed indie spirit into a genre that is rather lacking in it.

The opening track “Making It Up” starts the album on a rather simple, catchy note, with a quick little break up song that really sets the mood throughout the rest of the album. “I Was An Island,” which appeared on an earlier EP, switches its sound from just an acoustic blast to an almost doo-wop sounding track that blows the original out of the water. The title track is a blissful love song that holds my favorite line of the entire album; “Too young to give a fuck and too old not to care.” “One Way Love” is a perfect, in your face kind of love song to put on a mixtape for your significant other that is both punchy and caring (I know that sounds weird, but it’s true).

Two standouts on the album are the ballads that are just gorgeous. “Wait for Me” is a touching song about going away and then coming back, filled with some beautiful orchestral parts and Weiss sounding the most fragile you’ll hear her on the album. Lastly, there’s the closer, entitled “I’ll Be Okay.” Probably the saddest song on the album, it wraps up the essence of the album in the best way possible – no matter what happens in life, in relationships what have you, it will be okay at the end of the day.

I can probably sit and nitpick this album, say something along the lines of how samey some of the songs sound and feel. But something like that doesn’t hurt this album. The familiarity of the songs on the album gives you this good feeling of knowing exactly what Weiss is singing about in her songs. Instead, I can say that Allison Weiss, just like the magazine said, is not only an artist you need to know, but one you should continue to follow. Although this is her first major release, I can say with authority that it won’t be her last. Until that day comes, I’ll be humming along to these songs for some time now.

Final Grade: A-
Go Download: The Album, “Wait For Me”

Also, if you want a taste of her live, her debut Daytrotter just went up today, so go and check that out if you have the service.

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