Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 068 – The Sixth Sense Is Strong

Welcome to another episode of Middle of the Row: The Podcast. This week’s episode is a flashback to 1999’s The Sixth Sense. M. Night Shyamalan’s break out picture had a twist, but does it have more than that? Does it even need that? Is it M. Night’s best film? All things we discuss in the latest episode of the podcast.

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0:01:00 Why The Sixth Sense And General Thoughts
0:04:05 Does The Film Need The Twist?
0:06:00 This Movie Made People Cry?
0:07:30 Scary Or Unsettling?
0:11:00 A Mommy Dead and Dearest Diversion, Blame Munchausen By Proxy
0:13:30 How Do The Twist Clues Stand Up?
0:15:30 Shyamalan As A Director, Big Budget Or Small?
0:18:15 Talking About The Wife And Picking Nits
0:20:44 Toni Collette Appreciation Hour
0:22:30 An Award Worthy Movie? And Other Filmmaking Accolades
0:36:45 Ranking Shyamalan

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