Now Playing Review – Hanna

“I don’t know what she is.  Sometimes she acts like the heroine of an epic fantasy novel and sometimes she acts like she’s about nine years old, which might be cute if she didn’t kill people.”  Technically this quote was originally written by Austin Grossman about a fairy in his book Soon I Will Be […]

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Review: Hanna

Joe Wright’s latest, Hanna, is an assassin picture on the surface but at its heart is a film of self discovery after being trapped in isolation your whole life.  It all works really well, but after one viewing I feel like it is missing that special something to make it incredible. The film is fun, […]

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Review: An Education

An Education is one of those little treasures of a film that sneaks up on you in not only the quality of the overall film but by the incredible turn by its star Carey Mulligan. Jenny is a seventeen year old school girl in 1960’s England and is set on getting into Oxford for seemingly […]

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