Middle of the Row – The Podcast: Bonus Episode – A First Reformed Discussion

In this bonus episode of Middle of the Row: The Podcast, Jon and Zac discuss Paul Schrader’s First Reformed. Beyond just praising Ethan Hawke for being awesome and Schrader’s script working wonders, the discussion mostly settles on the film’s handling of faith in the film. Jon a church going man and Zac decidedly not, the conversation remains quite respectful, lending itself to the similar discourse of the film.

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0:01:00 Setting The Stage For This Bonus Episode About Praising Ethan Hawke
0:05:00 Jon’s Initial Thoughts on First Reformed
0:10:00 The Respectful Nature Of The Back And Forth
0:13:00 Finding A Philosophical Center And Finding Respectfulness Again
0:17:45 The Magical Mystery Tour And The Ending
0:23:10 Ester And Toller
0:25:35 Finding Love In The Worst Of Things
0:29:00 Connecting To Our Lives

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