Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 054 – Fear Watching The Predator

This week, Lauren, Jon and Zac take on The Predator and come out victorious against this garbage fire of a movie. Ben isn’t here to defend the dumb fun of it all, Jon attempts his own defense, but the movie serves as mostly a punching bag of disappointment. Shane Black, what happened? Also, Jon hates Sterling K. Brown…

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0:01:00 Predator Backgrounds And Some Alien Talk
0:05:00 Talking The Predator
0:08:30 How Bad Is This Movie? *SPOILERS*
0:15:30 Jon Thinks Sterling K. Brown Is A Terrible Actor
0:19:30 Jon Tries To Praise The Movie And Discussing Lore
0:24:00 Discussing The “Action” In The Movie
0:26:00 Stay Classy The Predator
0:29:00 Shane Black Fail…
0:31:45 This Movie Doesn’t Care About Predators

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