Middle of the Row – The Podcast: Bonus Episode – Don’t Mess With Mandy

It’s a Bonus Episode! Ben and I take a look at the new film by Panos Cosmatos, Mandy! Ben is a super fan, I think it’s worth a watch, but we discuss what works and doesn’t in the film for me. Is Nic Cage really awesome in this? Why is Andrea Riseborough not in everything? How are Jesus Freaks so terrifying, every, time?! We discuss in a short bonus episode!

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0:01:00 What The Fuck Is Mandy?
0:05:00 First Half Vs. Second Half
0:09:30 Appreciating The Craziness/World Building
0:18:00 Appreciating Panos Cosmatos
0:20:00 A Diversion Into Horror Genre Comparisons
0:22:30 Some Final Thoughts On Mandy
0:26:19 Ben “Defends” The Predator Before We Go

@middleofrow #nothe
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