Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 053 – Pleasantville Stays The Same After All These Years

The gang is down a member this week in Zac, as Jon, Lauren and Ben flashback to 1998’s Pleasantville! The film held up for this crew, but there are some things to get into along the way. Like, where are all the POC’s and what happened to Reese Witherspoon halfway through the movie? Still, new viewers and old still enjoyed this one and the crew had a nice discussion about everything that does, and doesn’t, work in the film.

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0:02:10 General Thoughts On Pleasantville
0:09:30 Shortcomings Around The Good Stuff
0:12:00 The Color of Pleasantville
0:14:45 Why No More Reese?
0:17:35 Jeff Daniels And Change
0:22:30 What Was The Point Of The Repairman’s Plan?
0:24:25 Why Did Reese Not Get To Come Home?
0:30:00 The World Of Pleasantville, A Great Place To Live
0:35:00 The Modern MAGA Connection
0:40:50 But What About The Colors? And Does It Make Sense?

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