The Breakdown: Ant-Man Teaser Trailer


A new year means new Marvel films, so let’s start things off with a bang.  I give you… drum roll noises… Ant-Man!  Ant-Man?  That’s really a thing?  Huh…

I kid, I kid.  Well, mostly anyway.  I’ve heard the name, I’ve used the character in the Lego Marvel video game to move through tight spaces, but I know nothing about the man past his shrinking abilities.  Seriously, though, is that even really a super power?  I guess it allows you to sneak under doors and climb through small vents, but that sounds like someone is scrapping the bottom of the barrel when handing out superpowers…

Oh well, Marvel knows what they’re doing, so let’s give this trailer a go:

  • 0:11 – Ok, his name is Scott, and apparently he is a criminal.  Look at me learning things!
  • 0:15 – I definitely wouldn’t want Michael Douglas watching me.  He has a pretty creepy voice fit for nefarious monologuing, fit for an old man stalker/pervert.  What makes Scott so special anyway?  Also, Douglas must be on the smaller loaded side of rolling in money crime-fighters, because that batcomputer looks like it could use some upgrades.
  • 0:26 – San Fran and an old van.  Yep.
  • 0:46 – Aw… Look at that little ball of motivation.  Hopefully she doesn’t accidentally step on her dad.  Or maybe they can go on Honey I Shrunk the Kids adventures together!
  • 0:58 – Oh no!  A bald guy!  Looks like we’ve got our villain.
  • 1:13 – Well at least Scott doesn’t have to make his own suit.  As much as I love watching origin stories I always wonder how random people, like Peter Parker, make their suits.  First they have to design them, then they have to collect the materials they want to use.  At least Kick-Ass just turned to the internet to buy something, but did Parker have to take a sewing class and that’s in the deleted scenes that I didn’t think to watch?
  • 1:16 – Oh Paul Rudd.  Have trouble imagining him as a superhero, but I do love the man.
  • 1:20 – Are showers Ant-Man’s answer to Superman’s phone booths?  Cuz that is going to complicate things.
  • 1:29 – Holy mother of abs, Paul Rudd!
  • 1:34 – Oh no… He’s riding on an insect.  Remember how that went in Honey I Shrunk the Kids!?  Not well!  Do you want to see me cry, Ant-Man!?
  • 1:36 – I know it looks cool to fly around on this bug, but I can’t help wondering if it wouldn’t just be faster to walk…  I blame the slow-mo.  The bee that smacked me in the face as a child was definitely moving pretty quickly, so I guess it’ll do.  Just don’t get caught on the highway.
  • 1:47 – Seriously though, about that highway joke.  If he dies while he is itty bitty, does his body automatically grow back to normal size or will no one ever know what happened to him?  On the bright side, think of all the money he could save if he ate in this state!  More importantly, how does his body change size anyway?  I can wrap my mind around a shrink ray, but just putting on a suit and changing size seems rather painful.  Major growing pains, that’s for sure.

Looks like I have til July to answer all of my questions about this superhero.  So what do you guys think of the trailer?  Excited for this character?  Or are you just as confused about him as I am?  Let me know!

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