Dissecting Ant-Man

Lauren: As someone who strongly questioned why Ant-Man deserved his own movie as a seemingly “bottom of the barrel” superhero, I can now say I’m glad Marvel felt much differently than I did. Turns out this little guy comfortably swimming outside the mainstream can pack quite a big punch.

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HST… Film Review: Haywire

Hello Boys and girls!  Here at HST we are always thinking of you, and as you may have noticed we have been slowly introducing co-reviews between some of the writers here.  That’s right, we are saving you time from your obligation to read three Haywire reviews this week by only providing two on the site […]

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Review: Ghost of Girlfriends Past

Matthew McConaughey’s latest romantic comedy is neither anything special, nor a terribly horrible experience with a couple of good laughs mixed in for good measure. Connor Mead is a successful fashion photographer that jumps from woman to woman with no remorse at all as he shatters there heart. When Connor’s brother is set to get […]

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