TV Review: Looking 103 – Looking at Your Browser History

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Looking keeps digging deeper into its characters as the men look toward their futures; romantically and professionally.

Patrick’s company finished their latest video game, it looked terrible by the way, and their big wrap party gives him an opportunity to worry about his next job and possibly find a new man. His dating skills haven’t gotten any better since last week and he unknowingly tries to pick up his new, not single, boss, Kevin. Undateable. This leads to a lot of drama at work and it is fun to see Patrick squirm, try to save face and eventually man up to stand up to the assumed “bullying” from Kevin. Kevin’s playful ribbing with Patrick is cute, I guess, but these two don’t have the chemistry that Patrick has had on some of his other dates. I hope this doesn’t become a romantic entanglement for Patrick as I would hate for him to lose his job over it and just as we got to know his awesome lead artist, Owen. More Owen, please.

Agustín’s outlook with Frank doesn’t seem any better than it did last week, it actually seems a lot worse. Agustín gets fired from his artist’s assistant job after being a bit too honest with his employer and, after meeting a stranger in the bar, thinks he might get into the sex worker business. Now, no judgement on his choice of profession, but poor, sweet, sweet Frank. Maybe Frank the good natured boyfriend is a minor flaw of the show (O. T. Fagbenle is great in the part though), but Agustín considering becoming a sex worker will surely break the boundaries of their relationship. All Frank wants is you to have a gallery show and be a successful artist Agustín, why can’t you see that?

Dom, thankfully, didn’t go into a spiral after confronting his old flame and he seems to have finally woken up and wants to make some changes in his life. His upstart restaurant isn’t going to happen overnight and he can’t make any headway until he has some investors, luckily he meets a nice florist in the local steam room. Scott Bakula playing the Castro florist means he is most likely bound to be a big part of Dom’s story going forward and I am excited to see how this pans out. Also, it is funny that with Patrick I don’t want to see him hook up with his boss, but I would love to see Dom and Bakula hook up, “You’re something of an institution, too.” Murray Bartlett continues to do great work as Dom and it was smart that they expanded Doris’ role this week (like Patrick with Owen) to help grow the world and not make these guys dependent on one another.

If there is any complaint I have with the show right now it is that I do wish the world seemed a little less inclusive. There are clearly some efforts to expand the characters’ friend circles this week, and it is still very early, but I feel like the show is missing some local encounters around the city. The show needs to continue to populate the world with characters around the core three and not have the show feel so focused on just these guys. I have faith they will get there as this week’s episode takes steps in the right direction, but the show has a lot of potential to grow into a very diverse ensemble and they should embrace it.

The quality of Looking across its first three episodes has been steady and I hope it starts to show some growth as it expands its world. The show has excellent character development with a strong core cast, now lets see them interact with more people outside their friend circle.

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