TV Review: Girls 305 – Only Child

Girls comes down off its comedic high as things start to get real and the characters confront the realities in their lives.

David’s still dead and I was really surprised that we got to see his funeral. The episode wasn’t about further exploring death and grief like last week’s stellar episode, but instead starts to turn the focus in on Hannah and her selfish tendencies that have surfaced around the limbo of her book. A big, funny, reveal of the wedding was that David actually had a wife, played wonderfully by Jennifer Westfeldt, and her interactions with Hannah were some of the highlights of the night. The gag where she assumed Hannah was someone else was predictable, yet still funny, but when Westfeldt tells Hannah to “get the fuck out of here” was one of my favorite bits of the episode. It said so much about Hannah in that moment, asking the wife of her deceased editor for any connections with other publisher, and that selfishness colored the rest of her arc of the episode. Hannah discovering that she doesn’t have the rights to her book for three years does suck, but the way she handles herself (even if it isn’t surprising) was so disappointing. Ignoring her Dad’s surgery and ultimately taking all of her rage out on, a sort of deserving?, Caroline is going to cause a lot of issues with Adam. Adam sees his sister for who she is, often doesn’t like her and can engage in some incredible screaming matches with her, but she is ultimately his sister. An unstable one at that. Hannah kicking her out in such a vulnerable state has me nervous for where Adam is going to find her and just as nervous as to how it will affect the couple’s relationship. I expected Caroline to cause some strife between the two, but I didn’t expect it to come from this angle. If only Hannah would have kept her Dr. Phil belly shirt on in her selfish moment of frustration.

That “Dr. Phil” set piece argument was a great sequence by the way and I loved seeing Hannah play mediator as brother and sister hashed it out. It was a real showcase for all the actors involved, but I think Adam Driver’s reaction to the Caroline’s accusation that he secretly wants to sleep with her was one of my favorite moments of the character, ever. That fight was tense and scary and I love that the show can teeter on humor and tragedy as well as it is right now. The show is walking that tightrope perfectly. The Marnie phone call was the perfect button to that scene to transition out of it and provided another classic moment for her and Allison Williams, “Fine, don’t come and see the cutest thing that ever lived.” I think she might have been right by the way, that cat is adorable. Williams delivery of, “You’re my best friend,” was icing on the cake.

The meeting with the new publisher was a bit out of left field, but the broad, absurdist nature of the comedy was a nice change of pace from the dour settings of the funeral and the fight. I hope we get to see more of those two, Hannah pitches a new book?, especially if we get lines like, “Mindy Kaling’s not talking about choking on long balls,” and “I guess my brand is Tombstone Pizza.”

The Ray and Marnie hook up you could see coming from as soon as she walked through the door, but I think the way they handled it was about as best they could. Getting these two together would be folly, but the hate fucking each other makes perfect sense. Marnie was the power player in that scenario, she honestly wanted to be criticized (“You are a huge, fat, fucking phony.”), she knows Ray is as honest a person as she can get that from and deep down inside I think she probably knew she could fuck him if she wanted to as well. Her play was confirmed in that wonderfully awkward goodbye, neither of them wanting anyone to know they fucked each other, and I like this secret wrinkle to their relationship that might be able to pop up and piss some people off, down the line.

A couple quick notes. The line, “When the seesaw of life throws your cunt in a sandbox,” is one of the funniest things the show has ever come up with. Then it was quickly, almost topped by, “You slid right out of your mother’s pussy like a nice little golden egg.” And what exactly is the “hand job kidney stone” story.

A change of pace from Girls’ fairly straight comedy run of episodes so far this season, Only Child was able to keep the laughs and really start to dig into some of the issues the characters are going to have to carry us through the season. Hannah and Adam’s relationship looks to be truly tested by this Caroline situation and I am excited that they were able to find a realistic and grounded reasoning for further exploring the drama in the show.

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