TV Review: Looking 102 – Looking for Uncut

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Looking for Uncut uses its protagonists to examine relationships from three different angles; the hopeful, the old and the same old-same old.

Patrick, undateable, is going on a formal date with his BART buddy, Richie, and the results are an awkwardly comedic night of forced signals. The date really couldn’t have been more awkward as Patrick’s obsession with finding a fuck buddy is in quite the contrast to the goals of Richie. Poor Richie, he is so sweet and likable, he makes Patrick look like such an asshole. You just sit there in awe, smacking your head, at how dim Patrick is being about this great guy he’s got right in front of him, Richie likes Patrick so much he is willing to go along with all of the “let’s fuck” bullshit that Patrick is spouting all night, in hopes that a normal person is underneath. Their date is in such contrast to that great, natural conversation the two have in the premiere and it is a shame that it didn’t work out. Poor Richie. Jonathan Groff was hilarious in the aftermath of the bungled sex, calling Agustín and munching on a Mac & cheese for one, then lying about it being a kale salad. Patrick seems to be fleshing out into a really compelling and complicated character and I look forward to more awkward dates in the future.

I was half wrong about Agustín it seems, as he has successfully moved out of his apartment with Patrick of the last eight years and into a basement apartment in Oakland with his boyfriend Frank. I am still predicting a sad end for these two, Dom and Patrick agree, as Agustín clearly seems to be extrapolating out his and Frank’s relationship beyond what it really is. I don’t think Frank wants to be as open as Agustín does and nothing in this episode changes my mind in the slightest. Still, it was nice to see the couple happy and content, for now, in their dark hole in the ground, but I imagine we are only a couple weeks away from Agustín exercising their “open” relationship and Frank kicks him out the door.

Dom’s decision to follow through on meeting with his old flame, Ethan, isn’t a surprise, but I think he comes out stronger on the other side; even if he isn’t 8000 dollars (plus interest) richer. Ethan left Dom some years ago after entering rehab, with the money Dom gave him, and while Ethan is sober and acts so nice, Dom discovers Ethan is still, and ultimately always will be, an asshole. Dom’s subsequent Grindr hook up allowed for some excellent humor and mind clearing sex for our favorite waiter, but I couldn’t be more happy that he was able to stand up to Ethan in the end. Now we just have to see where this takes Dom in the short term. Will he bounce back and finally make some headway in his life, both romantically and professionally, or are we going to see Dom enter a bit of a tailspin as he abandons the idea of a relationship that he has held on to all of these years? Either way, I think Dom will continue to be my favorite.

Another solid episode for Looking that is able to focus on a theme while also engaging in character depth effectively. All three guys have an interesting thread going forward and they are all almost in entirely different head spaces from where the episode started. Looking continues to remain strong in these very early goings.

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