TV Review: Girls 304 – Dead Inside

Girls delivered one its best episodes to date with a master class in dark humor as Hannah discovers she is dead inside.

David, Hannah’s editor, is dead and this is terrible news as John Cameron Mitchell was a standout last week at Hannah’s birthday party, downloading Grinder apps and beating up Ray. This doesn’t matter though, as his death doesn’t hit Hannah in the slightest and this sends ripples throughout the friend group. The episode, again, spreads the love around to the whole cast and it snaps along as efficiently as the show has ever been.

The largest ripple of all of this is the way it is going to affect Hannah and Adam’s relationship, especially with where it leaves them at the end of the episode. Before we get to that, Adam sniffs out Hannah’s lack of empathy, and it is clear that he is not all that comfortable with her inability to feel. That could be reason enough to be concerned, but it’s a journey to the cemetery with Caroline and Laird that pushes Hannah in an odd direction. Caroline tells an amazing story in the park about Adam and his cousin, a lie, and Hannah’s takeaway is that maybe she can lie about her emotions and get away with it. When Hannah steals the dying cousin story at the end of the episode to tell Adam, with her own little spin, it is opening a Pandora’s Box of potential problems for the couple. The lying is going to blow up, for sure, but the collusion with Caroline is going to cause the most strife between the two. Adam doesn’t want Hannah to be anyone but Hannah, and Hannah taking on traits of Caroline is not going to go over well. Dunham slipping in a little OCD tick right before the story was a nice touch and Laird crying was a highlight of the episode.

Jessa takes MVP of the night, as she reflects on her own losses in her life and discovers they might not be as real as she thought they were. She had a friend, Season, who supposedly died a few years back, but when Jessa tried to mourn she discovers that Season is alive and well in a Brownstone with a baby. The revelation of Season is sort of an under cooked story, one I imagine they are going to revisit with Melonie Diaz in the part, and all we really get from it this week is a fuck you and some unknown epiphany, silently realized on the street. Jessa won MVP because almost everything that came out of Jemima Kirke’s mouth is comic gold. She gets two fantastic conversations, one with Hannah and one with Shos, where she bats 1.000 on joke to laugh ratio. Shos was only in this one scene but she almost stole the MVP crown from Jessa. Kirke has proven so vital to the show this year, maybe explaining the weaker final episodes of season 2, and the writing has just killed with everything around her this season.

This was one of the most consistently funny episodes Girls has ever produced. Marnie continues to be a standout, her on the verge of a mental breakdown mindset is letting Allison Williams be better than ever. Four episodes into the season and it is clear that Charlie quitting the show was the best thing that ever happened to the character of Marnie and even if they are a little lost with what to do with her it is working wonderfully. The “firing” scene with Ray, in particular, is one of the best bits of the episode, with Alex Karpovsky and Colin Quinn having a blast riffing off Marnie’s destroyed life & music video (these are kind of the same thing). I just hope Marnie gets to live out her dream and make a fool of herself in front of fancy people.

For as funny as the episode was it was also a great meditation on death and the different ways it affects everyone around it. Sure, David wasn’t some super close person to anyone on the show, but it was the perfect level of death for exploring the mourning process so hilariously and effectively. An all-timer episode of Girls, season 4 continues to be on a roll.

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