Book Review: The Well of Tears by Roberta Trahan

Well of Tears HeaderThis well may have water to provide for those thirsty for fantasy, but it doesn’t taste as good as the water from the well over there.

Don’t worry, I judge me for that intro too.

In this fantasy novel, the world is waiting for a king to take the thrown as he was prophesied to do, but first a counsel of four sorceresses must come together to create a power strong enough to back him in his rule.  This is the basic premise promised, but in actuality the novel hasn’t quite gotten to that point yet, coming up far too short.  The Well of Tears reads as a prologue of sorts in which we read of the prep work one would assume would come in the first half of a book or so, if not even a smaller fraction, but instead it is being sold as a novel on it’s own.  The problem is, it just isn’t strong enough as all that is really focused on is dissension in the ranks.  Boring, common dissension.

The premise is definitely interesting, but I just don’t feel like we ever really got to it as the book sold to me was not the one I read.  I was expecting an epic of sorts, like The Sword of Truth series in which there is adventure and magic and romance.  Or, oh I don’t know, the stories of King Arthur.  Camelot is mentioned in the book description that originally peaked my intrigue, but these two stories are vastly different.  All of the elements are kind of there, but the story is not saturated enough by these elements to draw me in with the level of interest I assumed would catch hold before starting, and I find myself disappointed at a missed opportunity.

I assume that the next novel will focus more on the main character’s duty to the future king and his kingdom, but I had hoped for that to be a stronger element in this book, especially if we are to care about what these characters are signed up for.  Why should we care about the motivation of this order if we cannot feel it ourselves?  Instead we are told of their mission, but it never really felt like a strong focus in this novel as we are stuck in a small fraction of the world, a world which was not built up strong enough.  We just get a hint of it, and it is far from satisfying as we are stuck with petty envy, shallow characters, and a subplot that deserves focus, but feels more important than the main body of the story on the whole as it fits awkwardly in the story in comparison to what is supposed to be the climax, which feels rather weak with or without this previous event.

A weak climax for a weak story… Oh the boring pair they make.

Final grade: 2 out of 5      Follow @BewareOfTrees

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