The Breakdown: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Official Trailer

hr_The_Hunger_Games-_Catching_Fire_24I’m not going to do my typical breakdown for this trailer because I did one for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire teaser trailer when it was released and a lot of the footage is the same, but there is definitely enough new stuff in this original trailer to make it worthy of being shown off.  Watch it after the break!

0:31 – One of the problems with the first film was that it wasn’t capable of showing the inner monologue of Katniss and her confused feelings about Peeta to the same extent that the book can, so it is nice to see that they are definitely going to be touching on that, making up for the story that the first film didn’t necessarily provide.  She will also be touching on Gale.

1:15 – The cat is out of the bag.  The teaser trailer showed nothing of this years games, but now it is out in the open that the 75th annual Hunger Games (or the 3rd Quarter Quell) is going to be a little special because the pool of names being pulled from is that of the victors.  At least no one has to volunteer in place of their sibling this time, though Prim could pay back Katniss…  So obviously, with there only being one female winner from district 12, Katniss is being forced back into the games by the man in the hopes that she will die, and the symbol that she has become for so many will die with her.

1:59 – Looks like they updated the training facility for this special occasion, and I am liking it.  But where are the older competitors!?

2:20 – It’s our first glimpse at the arena, and it’s short and sweet.  All I could think was: wouldn’t that stink if you were this glorified champion from a previous game and you went out in the first few minutes because didn’t know how to swim?  How embarrassing…

Final Thoughts:  Long story short, new footage, renewed levels of excitement.  I’m probably going to have to read the books again while I wait for November 22nd.

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