TV Without Commercials: Boardwalk Empire 3.11

The second to last episode of a season is usually a disappointment.  It consists mostly of build up to lead into the season finale that will soon be following and therefore lacking in excitement.  This week’s Boardwalk, however, was nothing of the sort.  From the very beginning it was full of action and the excitement was constant.

As I mentioned earlier, this week’s Boardwalk was full of excitement and it set the tone right from the beginning.  The shootout in Nucky’s suite seemed too good to be true but suddenly it became all too apparent that it in fact was.  Eddy had been shot and Nucky had to act fast.  Thankfully Chalky White was there to catch Nucky as the ground quickly crumbled beneath him.  Not only does Chalky keep Nucky safe when Gyp comes knocking, but he also brings in that Samuel guy, who is interested in his daughter, to retrieve the bullet from Eddie’s ribcage.  What I took away from this, however, wasn’t just the kindness and generosity Chalky showed towards Nucky, but this was the first time Nucky treated Eddie like a human being.  I’ve never been able to understand why Eddie lets Nucky treat him the way he does, and now that we know he has a wife and two sons somewhere, I understand even less.  Where is Eddie’s family?  Why isn’t he with them and how long has it been since he has seen them?

Well, I don’t know about everyone else but I had a feeling the relationship between Gillian and Richard couldn’t last forever.  I was really hoping that when it came to an end, Tommy would be leaving with Richard but it doesn’t appear to be that way…at least not yet?  I know I mentioned before that this episode wasn’t full of just build up but that’s the only way to describe what was going on with Richard and all of his guns at the end of the episode.  I wonder what exactly he has in mind, and I can only hope it involves killing all of Gyp’s men that are hanging around the mansion.

It’s funny how both Rothstein and Meyer seemed to know that waiting until things calmed down in New York was going to be their best choice of action, but Lucky just couldn’t help himself.  Everyone was telling him no but he just couldn’t listen.  Now he’s arrested and Lucky doesn’t seem like the prison type so it will be interesting to see what information he leaks to save himself.  Maybe he won’t but I find it hard to believe.

Although the tone of this episode was for the most part depressing, it did have a happy ending.  Maybe happy is stretching it a bit but the ending was hopeful at the least.  Nucky now has the support of Al Capone and his men from Chicago, in addition to Chalky’s men, oh and let’s not forget that Eli is now back.  Eli has always appeared to be a moron prior to this season but so far he has proven himself to be one of Nucky’s best men, and now that Owen is dead he is probably is most trusted man as well.  That ending could not have been any more perfect to get us excited for next week.  There is going to be a huge showdown between Nucky and Gyp and I cannot wait to watch it.

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