TV Rants & Ramblings: Arrow 1.7 – Muse Of Fire

Arrow headerFollowing last week’s break from the show, Arrow is back with more of a set up episode for what is in store, introducing someone with their own score to settle in Oliver’s city.

Poof! Your Money Is Gone

With Merlyn always showing up at random hours, I guess I should have come to the conclusion earlier that he didn’t really have any adult responsibilities, instead just remaining a golden spoon baby with a whole lot of cash to burn and free time on his hands to do just that.  Guess it doesn’t matter now though, because for whatever reason Merlyn’s dad decided to cut all financial support from his son, simply because he suddenly had enough with his mooch of a child.

As random as this subplot is considering there isn’t the typical build up to an action like this (I could see it happening to Oliver before Merlyn considering his family dynamic, as opposed to the lack there of with Merlyn’s in the show so far), the main reason for its inclusion for now might be just to force the confrontation between Merlyn and his father, and the reveal that he just so happens to be Moira’s secret plotting buddy who likes to stop in on her while she’s in bed.  What a creeper.

That, and this continues to make Merlyn a sympathetic character worthy of dating the girl that is assumed to be meant for Oliver.  It could end here, but I still hope there is more to it, with my thoughts leaning towards a business partnership between Oliver and Merlyn.  Oliver did say that he wanted to build a nightclub on top of his secret lair a while back, so who better to help him out with it than another rich kid who loves to party?  Then the dominoes will start falling and Merlyn will happen upon the door to the secret lair and be cool with Oliver’s secret identity until he eventually has to kill Merlyn’s evil father to protect his mother, thus creating a new nemesis in his best friend! …It could happen.

A New Vigilante In Town

We’re seven episodes in to the first season of Arrow and I’ve already lost count of how many established comic characters have already come up against Arrow (still mad that they killed Deadshot too, even if he was a poor representation of the name).  Guess they didn’t get my memo about it not being necessary to rely on these guys, instead going for run of the mill, original characters from time to time.  Oh well.

Tonight Helena Bertinelli, AKA Huntress, joins the ranks of the many, though she can’t be lobbed in with the straight up villains on this one.  Instead she is more of a vigilante like Arrow, working within her mob tied family to bring (or gun) them down for killing her fiancé after finding her laptop full of incriminated evidence meant for the FBI in his backpack.  According to her, the love she felt for him morphed into hate for what happened to him; now top this with her female status and Oliver finds himself unable to stand against her, even though he was originally gung ho about bringing the person who could have easily hit his mom with a stray bullet in the beginning of the episode.  It’s not like Arrow is afraid of leaving cold bodies in his wake, so in the end, no matter how much Diggle tells him that what she is doing is still wrong, Oliver has found someone he can relate to on a level that he can’t with anyone else because they can’t understand what he went through and what he is now dealing with.  They have a loneliness, as well as a mission, that binds them.

Since Diggle is still relegated to phone duty, it should be interesting to see how Arrow and Helena work together, assuming that the spark between them doesn’t stay in the bedroom.  My guess is there is some crime fighting in their future, especially considering that Helena snapped the neck of her father’s right hand, which will most likely be blamed on the Triad since they’re suddenly back (along with China White).  But considering Arrow has Jiminy Cricket on his shoulder, here’s hoping he doesn’t fall too deep into Helena’s way of thinking because something tells me she is going to be a bad influence.  I hope I’m wrong though, because she could be a really great recurring character throughout the series.

Back on the Island

Somehow it took me writing out this topic that I include in each episode’s write-up to realize there were no flashbacks tonight.  It’s a little disappointing, but we do hear enough about the island in his talks with Helena that it might have been too much to drive the point of the episode home, assuming that parallels were worked into the past and present stories.  With that said, we better go back soon and find out what happened to Oliver’s island buddy!

Final Thoughts

With the mob being torn down, a new “crime fighter” added to the cast, and the Triad on the scene, this still managed to be an episode in which not a lot happened even though a decent amount did.  Granted, it could just be because it felt like the first half of something, setting up the action to come.  Hopefully next week makes up for this!

So what did you think of this episode?  Are you slightly saddened by the fact that Oliver’s motorcycle had red accents since they clearly should be green?  Obviously Oliver is not allowed to have things with colors other than green, duh.  Are you excited to see that China White is back?  Hopefully she will actually be cooler this time around since her first appearance was pretty lackluster.  Speaking of comic characters, do you think Helena will be a good addition to Oliver’s life, or is he going to kick her to the curb because they don’t quite agree on how to do things?  Let me know your thoughts on “Muse of Fire” in the comments below!


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