TV Recap: Revolution 110 “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”

Here we are again, another week, another episode of Revolution. The difference this week is that we have reached the halfway mark with the season – meaning that we won’t have these little episodic pieces until 2013 sometime (or Fall of 2013 or whenever NBC damn well schedules things). So what are we in for this episode? Well if you’ve seen the previews, then you know the ending – but what about everything else?

Cross your fingers for a better intro next season!

Hello, Dolly!

We start the episode with a firefight in the middle of the street at the Trenton Camp? Sure. Monroe and Miles (five years after the blackout, so ten years ago) have a laugh about the posibility of using swords and acting like pirates. LIKE THAT WOULD EVER HAPPEN! The two share a good moment of serenity before we get thrusted back into reality.

That reality being that Charlie is still bleeding from the gunshot wound she obtained last week. How does the Gang Of Four hope to acquire some medicine? By whoring Nora out, of course! She gets a Major in the militia to open up, and Miles to barge right in. They ask him to heal up Charlie good as new.

Monroe awakes himself to the news of Miles being back in town. Neville, who I am thinking is still considering taking over, is telling him to head up to Boston for a couple of days. But no, his stubborn self is wanting to stay and meet face to face with Miles.

Miles, of course, leaves the place they were calling home for a bit to get a head start on the militia. Speaking of, Neville and some of his men break into the house and take The Gang Of Three hostage. Just before everyone leaves, however, he stabs Charlie in the neck with some sort of tranq.

What’s worse than that? Waking up as a prisoner with your mother, whom you thought died, waiting in the cell for her. Not a great reunion.

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

This little mother-daughter reunion isn’t going the way the mother had planned. Charlie looks like she wants nothing to do with her (good choice). This doesn’t settle well with the mom, but I think it should be expected.

The high and mighty Neville is just going in hard on Aaron for some reason. His high horse is only growing, because tearing down a guy who worked for Google seems to make him feel all good inside. Luckily Nora is there to keep Aaron sane for a few minutes.

Charlie and Rachel bond over some bloodily-unscrewing-an-airvent time right before a guard walks in to take them away, presumably to where Danny (AKA the useless bag of flesh) is placed.

After a long day of tearing down internet nerds, Neville goes back to his compound – only to find Miles and his wife there too, and a blade between the two of them. Big win for Miles, not so much for Gus.

The Hustler

Neville is not in a good place right now. His wife’s a hostage (a rather bitchy one at that), and the traitor of the Republic is the captive. Miles is not fooling around here, and all he wants is his friends back. Neville reluctantly hands back Nora and Aaron, and also comes pretty empty handed when it comes to Charlie and Danny. He explains that they are no longer in the stronghold, but at some power plant? Sure. Miles stuffs him and his wife in a closet so the three of them can escape – not without Neville promising Miles’ death later.

We get a small reunion in Danny’s jail cell, and it looks like his beatings all season have continued since being placed under Monroe’s care. Speaking of, the man himself walked in a tad bit later, threatening the life of either Danny or Charlie unless Rachel started fixing an amplifier the man she stabbed last week was making. Charlie stepped up to the plate, and said that she will take the bullet. She literally LOOKS DOWN THE BARREL WITH ALL THE BALLS IN THE WORLD! But her mom cracks, and Charlie gives her the most disappointing eye roll ever.

The Longest Day

The Gang of Three arrive at the stronghold. Miles, the big brain on him, doesn’t know a way to get in. Don’t worry, Aaron knows a way in.

We go back to Rachel fixing the amplifier, and Strausser being the biggest creeper in NBC history. Seriously, shout out to the writers who got away with Strausser calling Charlie a peach, and then telling her mother that he loves eating peaches.

Monroe is a tad bit shaken up with all this Miles business. One of his higher commands, who I’m going to refer to him as the dead stepdad in Dexter because I forgot his real character name, is willing to do the dirty work for him if need be. But Monroe never folds! Or runs away!

We get a flashback soon after with Monroe and Miles together at a cemetary. Not gonna lie, I’m kinda feeling for Monroe right now. His family is gone – the latest death happening at a Harry Potter screening, and he is just drinking himself to oblivion. Miles, the cool head he has, is able to settle him down, take the booze, and his gun.

The gate Rachel was fiddling with before is now in Charlie’s bloody fingers as it finally opens up. Danny alerts her of the incoming guard, dives through the hole because Charlie told him to. Charlie does the BAMF thing and lures the guard in the room and bashes him with the gate she pried open. She takes his gun, tells Danny to keep up, and goes out to the world. Charlie wins the episode.

The Mediocre Escape

Aaron got stuck with pipe bomb duty while Nora and Miles stormed the fort. Seriously, should we trust the the demo expert with the bomb? Or the Wired Magazine guy?

Rachel the Traiter…I mean Rachel the Awful Person fixed the amplifier. Way to be part of the overlying problem here.

Charlie and Danny make their way up from the barracks, Danny with a little more limp in his step than his sister. They look both the ways before getting shot at (which, let’s be honest here, we all saw coming), and is rescued by Miles and Nora. Charlie brings up her mom to Miles, and he seemed incredibly befuddled that she is still here. New Mission – Get The Traitor…er…Mother.

Luckily, Rachel can apparently handle herself, as she fights off AND KILLS Strausser the Entirely Too Creepy. She even gets all touchy feely with Strausser right before she stabs him. Miles comes in right after the murder and helps Rachel get to safety, only to be stopped my more militia. Which leads them to Monroe – who is not amused.

Miles Vs. Monroe…coming up after the commercial break.

Pirates of Philly

How do we relieve tension before a giant fight? Show clips of when Miles and Monroe were children, of course! There are some clips of them running, the children screaming “I’m going to kill you,” and giving themselves sweet marker tats.

Back to the real world, Monroe becomes and almost blabbering mess talking to Miles – who both are gun to gun with each other. Monroe wants Miles back – his family can leave and everything can be perfect again if he would just rejoin the mess of a militia he used to run. Monroe, and all of his semi-badass moments throughout the first ten episodes, are now gone. He wants his brother back, because Miles is his only family left…

And Miles doesn’t feel the same way. In fact, he wishes that he killed Monroe the first chance he had at killing him. They are no longer brothers, and that doesn’t settle too well for Bass.

This prompts the fight to end all fights! Sort of, because with all that tension building, it ends quite abrumptly when a bunch of guards come in with guns and ruins everything.

Luckily for the Gang of Now Five, they escape without a scratch thanks to the great timing of Aaron’s Timebomb trap. Could’ve sworn that he wasn’t far enough away from that explosion, but there are so many plot holes in the series that I feel like I can let this little one slide. Miles joins the group, disregards Charlie and her still young admiration of him, and leaves the scene – until a helicopter powered by the Power Pendant hovers over the base.

That’s how the show ends mid-season. Awfully.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Besides the ending, which I still can’t believe they had the gall to leave us with such a heavily advertised ending, the episode was pretty good. The lack of flashbacks really worked last week, and the minor inclusion of them this week actually helped fuel the story out a bit. If we didn’t know that Harry Potter (yeah I’m looking at him) killed Monroe’s family, then we would’ve just rolled our eyes to his brotherly sentiment towards the end. So finally, everything is starting to click both writing wise and acting wise. This also marks the first time I cheered for Charlie for real. But what did you guys think of the episode, and of the season so far? Ready for 2013? Leave your answers down below.

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