Flim Review: Safety Not Guaranteed

Safety Not GuaranteedTo avoid saying something horrible like: “Safety may not be guaranteed, but a heartfelt experience is,” or “You better buckle up for this fantastic ride because your safety isn’t guaranteed,” I am just going to go the simple route (though by including those in this “I wont do this” sentence I still got to include them because they made me chuckle [maniacal laugh]).  Go see Safety Not Guaranteed.  You will love it as long as there is a heart in your chest.

If that sum up isn’t good enough then let’s start with the basics: Safety Not Guaranteed is one of those “simple” goal oriented stories that manages to become an epic adventure of sorts.  Maybe not quite like trying to reach Mordor, but more like a cross-country road trip with a family just trying to make it to a pageant for their little girl.  Simple package, big heart that all starts with an ad in the paper that goes exactly like the poster says.  Who wouldn’t want to answer that?

Jake M. Johnson is such a man willing to take the challenge, not to take the journey through time though, but rather to put his body in harms way of someone who is possibly crazy for the sake of a good story.  With his two interns in tow, small stories of relationships and life involving Johnson and Karan Soni balance out that of Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass as they train for their mission and Duplass continues to further your want of his happy ending.

Whether or not Safety Not Guaranteed ends with him being crazy or actually capable of traveling back in time doesn’t really matter for the most part because it’s impossible not to be invested in this story thanks to Duplass and the laughs and emotion that everyone puts into it.  With that said, similarly to ET’s ending (yes I seriously found these two films comparable) it’s hard not to silently beg at the edge of your seat for the happy ending as he makes you willing to push skepticism aside and believe in something greater even.  What’s more, he makes you hope for the magical moments that even make pessimists believe in miracles.

Final Grade:  A-      

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