Flim Review: Safety Not Guaranteed

To avoid saying something horrible like: “Safety may not be guaranteed, but a heartfelt experience is,” or “You better buckle up for this fantastic ride because your safety isn’t guaranteed,” I am just going to go the simple route (though by including those in this “I wont do this” sentence I still got to include […]

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HST’s Best of 2011: Television

With so much of my (Lauren’s) personality constructed by Television, from PBS shows of my childhood to everything Joss Whedon that influenced my sense of humor and sarcasm, it’s no surprise that every year I get pretty excited for the pilots making their attempt to gain viewers.  Not only that, but sometimes I go crazy […]

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Review: Ceremony

Ceremony is the directorial debut feature for Max Winkler and it is a pretty impressive comedic debut, featuring a wonderful lead performance by Michael Angarano. The film follows Sam, Angarano, and his “best friend” Marshall as they head out of the city to the country to a beachside vacation spot seemingly for the weekend.  Sam […]

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