Flim Review: Safety Not Guaranteed

To avoid saying something horrible like: “Safety may not be guaranteed, but a heartfelt experience is,” or “You better buckle up for this fantastic ride because your safety isn’t guaranteed,” I am just going to go the simple route (though by including those in this “I wont do this” sentence I still got to include […]

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Review: Cyrus

The first non-micro budget feature from the Duplass brothers keeps the realistic tone, gets great performances out of their leads, and knocks the humor out of the park when it tries to be funny. Now, don’t let that last bit scare you, this film is a comedy first and foremost but there are many quiet […]

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Review: Greenberg

Noah Baumbach’s latest, Greenberg, is just as engaging of a film as his previous efforts and is an interesting dual character study of a couple of people who can’t quite figure out their lives. Roger is lost in life and he decides to try and sort it our by taking a break from life by […]

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