Good Ole Fashion Television Review: Terra Nova 1.10

TerranovaheaderThis weeks episode of Terra Nova was called Now You See Me, but I feel that a more appropriate title would have been, cheese.  Everything cool or interesting in this episode was very close to being completely ruined by this shows cheesiness.  I feel like this has become a recurring event in Terra Nova.  They have to have some type of event going on, usually involving Zoe and dinosaurs, that is nothing but pure cheese.  It’s stupid, has nothing to do with anything else in the show and feels completely out of place.  I am just down right sick and tired of these moments and they seem to be in practically every episode.  They are always at the end of the episode too which is even worse because it leaves me with this pissed off feeling that makes completely forget about anything else that happened in the episode that actually was kind of cool or at least interesting.  Like I said though, the cheesiness almost ruined this episode but thankfully there was still plenty of action, and it was awesome to learn Mira’s background.

Sky’s character has finally become interesting.  I personally find it hard to believe that only the Sixers can keep her mother alive but what do I know?  Sky sure seems to be convinced and maybe she should be, either way she is the Sixers spy that Commander Taylor and everyone else have been looking for.  Commander Taylor will never suspect her either since he believes both of her parents were killed by the harsh winter.  Her name is on the list Jim gets from Elisabeth, but will Jim be naive about her like Commander Taylor seems to be?  I doubt it very much, but the list is 47 people so it will at least take some time.

I like the way Commander Taylor and Mira teamed up to survive against the dinosaurs, and Stephen Lang did an excellent job showing embarrassment on a character who is rarely embarrassed.  When he tried to tell her what to do because he lived all alone in the woods for 118 days, and she looked at him and said that she was coming up on 1,000, he just shut up and knew right away that for the first time in a long time, he was outclassed.  They learned a lot more about one another and we got a chance to learn the back story behind Mira.  She joined the Sixers for an opportunity to live in a dome with her daughter, which is I guess where the rich people in 2140 live.  Her daughter is 7, and she wants nothing more than to get back to her but she has to complete her mission first.  I suppose that is the case with all the Sixers, they probably all have some sort of sad back story similar to hers.  They’re still going to keep fighting each other but they have a mutual respect for one another now so maybe they will fight each other differently?  Probably not.

I do not understand how Commander Taylor, and everyone else for that matter, seems to think it is okay to put Jim in charge of the entire colony during his absence.  Jim has been in the colony for less than a year and already he is Taylor’s second in command?  I feel like Taylor has been running Terra Nova this whole time and has no one he can trust.  I mean did he really not have a second in command or at least some sort of high ranking officer he could confine in?  This obviously is not the first time Taylor has gone out into the woods by himself looking for his son.  It seems like it is a regular event and there had to be someone he put in charge when he went on these little excursions before Jim and the other Shannon’s made their pilgrimage.  Oh and also, Jim was a cop in the future.  He has zero military experience, yet is still put in charge of Terra Nova and mostly the soldiers inside.  I know this show is science fiction, and features dinosaurs but come on, putting a man who hasn’t even been inside the colony a year in charge during Commander Taylor’s absence is just too unrealistic I’m sorry.

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