TV Without Commercials Review: Boardwalk Empire 2.10

boardwalkempireWhen I first saw that the title of this episode was called Georgia Peaches, I was slightly confused.  What could Georgia peaches have to do with Atlantic City, gangsters and liquor?  Then it hit me.  During the scene where Nucky goes to New York to find a new lawyer,  he meets with Arnold Rothstein’s lawyer and is accompanied by Teddy.  When the lawyer sees Teddy he hands the young lad a baseball that is autographed by non other than Ty Cobb, the Georgia Peach.  The title is a reference to Cobb, but also to Nucky who, like Cobb, isn’t necessarily a good man but he is very good at what he does, in fact he is the best.  Not everyone agrees with his methods but his ability to get the job done cannot be argued with.  

This week we witnessed the beginning of Nucky retaking his rightful throne.  With his friends across the sea supplying him with genuine Irish whiskey, his troubles seem just about over.  Nucky still has his court date to worry about and just when you think the feds are going to arrest him, we see Eli sitting in a jail cell.  This was of course after his visit with Deputy Halloran where Eli’s attempt to be both subtle and intimidating backfired on him horribly.  Eli looks screwed, and it’s hard telling, at this point, what will happen with Nucky in the court system but he has at least gotten himself a new lawyer.

It seems even without Nucky reestablishing himself as the main distributor of alcohol along the boardwalk Jimmy would have fallen apart on his own.  Nothing seems to be going right for him.  I laughed a little bit as he drove his truck full of booze into Princeton.  At least he finally went there I guess.  I hate to think about what he will go through when he returns though.  Oh my god, I never saw that one coming.  I thought Manny was just going to kill Angela’s lover and leave Angela there to bask in the humility of the situation, but no he shot her too.  Wow, I had a feeling someone important to this show would die this season, I mean this is technically a gangster series after all.  I really like Manny as a character, but now that he shot Angela I kind of hate him because I really liked her, but oh well.

Nelson’s wife filed for divorce, I think anyone could have seen that coming.  I really like the way they chose to have the baby crying as we see a close up of Nelson’s expression after he reads the note from Rose.  I would really like to see what becomes of him, and also where did Lucy run off to?  She has to be somewhere by the boardwalk right?  I have a feeling Nelson will find her sometime before this season ends…at least I hope so.

Poor little Emily Schroeder.  You can’t help but feel sorry for her, Polio was and still is a horrendous disease.  Margaret is not taking it well at all, and how could she?  I thought it was interesting the way they portrayed the church in this episode.  The priest seemed to only like Margaret once she gave him a bunch of gold and a big wad of cash.  Once he accepted her donation, the priest immediately wanted to pray for Emily with her, and of course, that did nothing to help her and her Polio is even more severe than the had doctors originally thought.  I wonder what will become of Margaret now.  It is obvious she believes that her sins have caused this to become of her daughter, but what is she going to do about that now?  Will she stay with Nucky or does she think he is also part of the problem, and she needs to no longer associate with him?  It sure seems that her family in New York feels she is horrible sinner and maybe now she is starting to feel that way about herself as well.  I have a pretty strong feeling all of this will cause her to do something drastic, probably leaving Nucky behind in the process.  I can’t believe there are only two episodes left, I don’t want this season to end!

2 thoughts on “TV Without Commercials Review: Boardwalk Empire 2.10

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  2. Nathan, I loved your two pieces on Boardwalk Empire. I watched religiously when it premiered but my interest waned about mid-season and then I’d took to just peaking in now and again. I hope to see more of your reviews on this site.

    Wanted to mention I’m a friend of your Mom that loves movies.


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