Suggestion Box

Dear perusers,

Though I am having a swell time spilling my thoughts to you about most of the stuff I fill my time with, I have decided to add a new post topic to my usual. The “Suggestion Box” is my way of letting you know about the things I am excited for coming out soon, such as movie and game trailers, upcoming roles for my favorite actors, etc, and hopefully you will take the time to check them out. Here’s what I’ve got for you in this edition of the “Suggestion Box.” Oh, and if there is anything you think I should check out, I would like to hear all about it.

The Lovely Bones Trailer – I saw this a week or so ago when it was posted on iTunes, but it was shown before Julie & Julia tonight, and I have to say, I don’t know what to think about it. I read the book a little over 5 years ago, and though it is nothing like how I saw it in my mind, the trailer looks like they are going to do a pretty cool job with bringing the novel to life, especially in concern to Susie’s Heaven. Check it out here.

Whiteout Trailer – Like 30 Days of Night, but with more snow, no vampires, and possibly aliens. (Okay, I doubt it is aliens, however, I am not completely taking it out of the running. But I will admit that it is more than possible that I am reading a little too much into the trailer). But it has Kate Beckinsale so I am going to see it. Check it out here.

Zombieland Trailer – Because who doesn’t want to see Abigail Breslin fighting zombies? Now in Red Band here.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – I know most of you probably know what this is by now, but I am excited because I finally got around to buying it on DVD yesterday, and if you haven’t seen it by now you really need to get on that. It’s a great addition to the Whedon vault, with Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day in the lead roles. And who can turn down a musical about superheroes/supervillians? People who are dead inside, that’s who. You can see it for free here, so now there is really no excuse.

Speaking of Felicia Day, if you like gaming then you should check out her web show The Guild. They have two seasons in the bag now and the third season should be starting up August 25th. Check it out here. You can also watch episodes and bonus content on XBOX Live, including the “Do You Want To Date My Avatar?” music video.

And finally, if that is not enough for you in concern to web shows based around gaming, then you should check out The Legend of Neil. Why? Because it is hilarious and is based on The Legend of Zelda, so it gets plenty of bonus points for that one. Check it out here.

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