Book Review: Heat Wave

Castle is easily one of my favorite shows on TV right now, thanks in large part to Nathan Fillion.  As the title character, he brings so much glee to crime fighting (comparable to Po in Kung Fu Panda at times) that it is not hard to love the man.  Not only that, but he brings […]

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Review: Super

Super is the latest from James Gunn and the result is a bizarre, violent, and funny take on the super hero genre that falls in line with Kick-Ass and Watchmen of recent years. A subversion of the comic book film, this is probably the most realistic take on what having a masked avenger running around […]

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Suggestion Box

Dear perusers, Though I am having a swell time spilling my thoughts to you about most of the stuff I fill my time with, I have decided to add a new post topic to my usual. The “Suggestion Box” is my way of letting you know about the things I am excited for coming out […]

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So, this sounds like it could be a winner! Short Pornos, without the sex, and all the hilarity. James Gunn and his brothers are writing a web series of shorts with Hollywood and Adult Film stars coming on to act out some porn episodes except they don’t do it. This could be brilliant! Check out […]

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