Review: Everybody’s Fine

Everybody’s Fine is an interesting look at family life for a widower but lacks any real plot or enlightening meaning to really make us admire it beyond its performances. Kirk Jones’ film is a remake of an Italian film of the same name and stars Robert De Niro as said widower, Frank, who decides to […]

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Suggestion Box

Dear perusers, Though I am having a swell time spilling my thoughts to you about most of the stuff I fill my time with, I have decided to add a new post topic to my usual. The “Suggestion Box” is my way of letting you know about the things I am excited for coming out […]

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Review: Snow Angels

A sad and tragic story doesn’t take away from this expertly crafted and wonderfully acted film, though doesn’t leave you all warm and fuzzy in the end; which is ok. Annie (Kate Beckinsale) is a single mom working as a waitress at the local Chinese restaurant, Glenn (Sam Rockwell) is Annie’s separated husband who is […]

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