Dissecting 2 Guns

2 Guns is coming out at the tail end of the Summer movie season, but it is one of the more fun and straightforward entries with great turns by its leads, Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg.

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Film Review: Straw Dogs

Can I just ask this question?  Where the heck do these viewing audiences being spied on with night vision goggles in commercials come from?  Either they are the jumpiest scaredy-cats on the planet or they are big fat liar faces!  That’s right, viewing audiences!  I will give you the eye covering, and even occasional muffled […]

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Review: Death at a Funeral

This new version of Death at a Funeral changes little from its British forbearer while still delivering the big laughs and hitting all the big notes it just drags a bit at times and rarely finds a consistent stride. The premise is simple, a family comes together for the main character’s father’s funeral and many […]

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Review: Sex Drive

This new addition to the teen sex comedy genre packs a few pretty good laughs, but ultimately brings little or nothing new to the table. Ian is kind of a dork, he has a couple close friends and a longing for a girls privates. He has an online chat partner where he is posing as […]

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Review: 27 Dresses

The first romantic comedy of the year sets the bar high for all the future films in the genre that follow this year. Katherine Heigl tries to continue on the success of last summer’s Knocked Up with this better than average romcom. The story stays fairly traditional and predictable but it does everything very well […]

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