For Your Renting Pleasure

Stake_Land headerOK so I skipped last week, but I would have only had Bachelorette to include and not Stake Land as well, and that just wasn’t worth it. Blame TV and A Storm of Swords!

Bachelorette posterBachelorette

Hey look!  This movie is about the bridesmaids before a wedding too, so clearly it is a Bridesmaids coattail rider!  If you thought this when Bachelorette was released, then you’d be wrong.

If I had to compare the two, then Bridesmaids would easily win, but that’s because Bridesmaids is a favorite movie of mine thanks to the cast that was able to pull off some pretty amazing scenarios, writing, and improv.  And I will always love me some Kristen Wiig.  Bachelorette has a completely different tone to it, with a cast of Lizzy Caplan, Kirsten Dunst, and Isla Fisher as the popular girls who spend the time before a “friend’s” wedding smack talking her to make themselves feel better about themselves.  There are hints of a performance we’d expect from Rebel Wilson as the bride-to-be, but her time on screen is pretty short in comparison to the other girls.  Dunst and Fisher play two irritating women, one being an type A personality and b—-, while the other is a substance abusing idiot.  These characteristics allow for some humor, but after a while they start to get irritating.

Eventually their stories evolve in a way that makes these characters understandable, in the least, so they’re not as hard to swallow, but Lizzy Caplan is the only one who seemed like I could stay in a room with her for more than an hour without wanting to kill one of us.  It was also great to see her working with Adam Scott once again (go watch Party Down if you haven’t).

So remember, if you’re going to watch this one, don’t expect Bridesmaids, though it does have plenty of hilarity in the events leading up to the morning of the wedding.

Final grade: B-

Stake_Land posterStake land

As much as I love the horror genre, I was still a little skeptical about this film since I never heard anything about it past an interview with one of the stars a while back on Attack of the Show.  Still had hopes for it, but I knew not to set them high, which is why I was actually presently surprised by Stake Land.

Though I did think the film looked pretty great, for the most part, there are certain moments in which it was obvious that Stake Land was a low budget film, from some of the vampire makeup (remember when Darla first turned into a vampire in Buffy the Vampire Slayer?  The first vampire was kinda like that, but more albino) to the CGI.  One shot definitely looked like day for night with a sky that stole focus, and there were plenty of times in which the blood splatter looked like it was being expelled from the victim as if their head popped like a pimple.  And a certain through line is a little iffy as well in terms of the different types of vampires, but I could forgive this film for all because I just loved the characters.

The most enjoyable relationship was between Mister and Martin, our narrator.  They kept talking of him as if he was a child even though he looked a little too old for that, but I think that was more towards the innocence he had as opposed to his actual age.  Which was why I loved that he called his travel buddy Mister, as if Martin really did need someone to look after him to stay alive until he started coming into his own.  So even though this film is about a journey to a safe haven through a post apocalyptic wasteland, it’s more about the characters themselves.

Final grade: B

See anything great these past two weeks? Let me know and it might show up in the next “For Your Renting Pleasure.” Or you can always and send your suggestions there if they come to mind later. Now get to renting!

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