Concert Review: Foxing

Foxing is a St. Louis band. The level of loyalty the group shows to their hometown is fervent. Whether it was their album release last year (which I also shot and am still trying to recover the pictures from a busted hard drive) or their most recent show at Delmar Hall, the group insists on highlighting local artists they admire and respect. It’s much to my chagrin that I had no chance to shoot concert openers The Mall, Shinra Knives, and Thor Axe. An extended workday found me speeding down 170 contemplating whether or not I would even get to the show on time to catch Foxing. But I was determined, with a solidified reciprocated loyalty towards the band fueling my lead foot. “Draw Down the Moon” remained one of my repeat plays throughout this past year. Maybe it was the songs themselves or the band’s own electric stage presence, but everything about their artistic expression ignited a sense of freedom and authenticity that I desperately needed in my life. There was no straying from this tonight, with Conor breaching the railing and leaning into the crowd from the beginning of the set, to Erik just full-on handing his guitar to the crowd midway through. From the first song to the impromptu encore of a stripped-down version of “Rory”, Foxing left it all on the stage with their genre-defying style of indie/emo rock, at times atmospheric, at times moody, at times electrifying, but always personal and genuine. Shortly after this, the band went on a short tour and then announced they were going on hiatus. Who knows if this will be the last time I get to see Foxing in their hometown, but I’m damn glad I had a chance to celebrate their tenure with them, until their mighty return. Foxing is on hiatus. Long live Foxing.

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