Concert Review: The Devil Wears Prada

I had the pleasure of being at the kick-off date for The Devil Wears Prada’s headlining tour in support of their most recent release The Act, however, due to some unfortunate double booking, I could only shoot them and not Gideon or Norma Jean. I did catch the end of Norma Jean’s set, and man, did it make me regret missing them their full ferocity.

The Devil Wears Prada has been a band in constant evolution and driven by ambition, but the common thread that emerged during their set is that they have always, like their best influences, appreciated music that builds an atmosphere that entraps their listeners’ moods and takes them to the places either beyond their physical self or deeply inward into their own emotions and psyche. Their live set captured this spirit so well. Frontman Mike Hranica remains one of the most energetic and engrossing lead singers in the metal community and vocalist Jeremy Depoyster’s vocals are elevated to a whole different level now. What is more impressive is how appropriately placed several tracks from The Act were in their live set, despite them and (the overall album really) marking a distinct departure from their previous catalog. Even with more deliberate and melodic numbers like “Chemical” and “Numb”, not a single minute of their set could not be described as raw or heavy. If anything, the further evolution of The Devil Wears Prada makes me excited for what more they have in store.


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