Concert Review: Smidley

I had the privilege of attending a house show in January and watching St. Louis acts Dewdrop and Smidley, and Florida bands Photo Fire and Like Father. Not my first house show but definitely one of my more memorable ones. Shout outs to everyone involved for letting me intrude on the show to cover it.

Dewdrop – Dewdrop’s blend of jazz and jam band was such a soothing and relaxing experience, it made it easy to float around the room and capture their cool and collected playing demeanor.


Like Father – Like Father’s punk-emo tunes were right at home in this basement show with sincerity and charm that filled the room with a warm and comforting sense of nostalgia. And speaking of nostalgia, who doesn’t love a Hoobastank cover?


Photo Fire – The lush, synth-indie of Photo Fire was hypnotic and entrancing that immediately elevated me beyond the basement into some out of body dreamscape.


Smidley – This was my second time seeing Conor Murphy perform on his own, and it was just as evocative as before. On his own, Murphy has this innate ability to channel simultaneously both a towering amount of artistic ardor and accessible authenticity. To see the depths of these faculties only matched by the youth of the artist makes us not only grateful but excited for what comes next.

Follow the bands at the links below:

DewdropLike FatherPhoto FireSmidley

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