Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 100 – We Are Still Watching Watchmen

Episode 100! It’s been a crazy couple years, but we’ve reached episode 100 of Middle of the Row: The Podcast. We dive into 2009’s Watchmen, Ben’s pick that most of us appreciate still ten years later, in what has become an underrated film? Has it always been? We talk about a lot of things we like about the film, debate who is best in the film and all agree the Dr. Manhattan montage is tops for this film. So come, stay awhile, and we hope you keep listening for another 100 episodes.

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0:01:30 Ben Paints Us A Picture Of His Watchmen Love
0:06:00 Length, Garbage Characters, Style Over Substance
0:11:00 Comedy Or Bad?, 2019 Lens, Comic Comps
0:18:00 Highlights, Best Performance, Awesome Trailer
0:30:00 Power Scales, Bad Plots
0:36:00 Thanks For Listening To 100 Episodes!

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