Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 087 – Brightburn Isn’t Quite Bright Enough

This week, Ben, Jon and Zac discuss the James Gunn produced Brightburn. The “what if Superman went bad” origin story keeps almost getting somewhere special, but never quite nails it. There are moments of greatness, but we get stuck wallowing in what could have been and how this film ultimately left us feeling disappointed. Yet, we all think you should she it? It’s an interesting film, that gave us plenty to talk about.

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0:01:00 General Thoughts On Brightburn
0:06:30 Tone, Gore and a Discussion on Genre
0:15:30 Spoilers For Brightburn
0:15:45 The Post Credits Scene
0:17:30 A Redeemable Son?
0:25:30 Missed Opportunities Thematically and Budget-wise

@middleofrow #nothe

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