Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 058 – We Had No Bad Times At The El Royale

This week we look at Drew Goddard’s latest, Bad Times At The El Royale! Everyone liked it! Zac might have loved it the most if he hadn’t been distracted by unfounded purgatory realities, but all in all, thumbs up from everyone here at the pod. A great cast, great music, great filmmaking; we throw around a lot of praise and avoid a number of Jon audio mishaps. Hopefully you don’t hear those… Anyways, enjoy the movie, take a listen to the podcast and give this film a little love, no one else really seems to be.

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0:01:00 A Goddard Appreciation
0:04:00 A Diversion Into Jon’s Cloverfield Fever Dream
0:05:50 Fuck Tarantinoesque
0:07:40 It’s Not Purgatory…It’s Not A Twist
0:10:00 We Dig Into Bad Times at the El Royale
0:16:25 Spoilers For Bad Times at the El Royale
0:16:35 Jon Is Wrong About Pulp Fiction
0:19:30 Discussing The Beats Of Bad Times

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