Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 057 – Does The Waterboy Quench Your Comedy Thirst?

This episode we flashback to 1998 and discuss the Adam Sandler hit, The Waterboy. Ben elected this film, and is the only one to genuinely like it. Jon musters some support, but Lauren and I come out fighting. Still, we have some interesting talk about the portrayal of Bobby Boucher, Forrest Gump and the rubbing of nipples. Take a listen and see if The Waterboy holds up for you 20 years later…

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0:01:30 Discussing Sandler’s Box Office Clout
0:03:10 Ben Tells Us, Why Waterboy? And Some Of Us Disagree
0:09:30 Too Many Forrest Gump Connections…
0:10:30 It’s Not Great, Say Zac and Lauren
0:18:15 Ben Makes One Last Case
0:23:15 A Forrest Gump Diversion
0:25:40 Closing Thoughts

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