Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 051 – The Mask Of Zorro Is Still Sharp

This week we flashback to 1998 again, this time to discuss The Mask of Zorro! Hopkins! Banderas! Zeta-Jones! Stunts! The movie is packed, but maybe with a bit too much drama? Either way, Lauren enjoyed this growing up and I think most of us still do, quibbles and all. So throw on that mask and join us in one of the last big practical action blockbusters of the 90’s.

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0:01:00 Why Zorro, Batman Connections And Banderas!
0:09:45 Martin Campbell And What Is Working
0:12:05 Jon Connects To The Past With Terrible Audio To Boot
0:15:00 We Start Picking Things Apart A Bit, Tonal Trouble
0:19:00 Catherine Zeta-Jones Praise
0:25:00 Was Zeta-Jones Dudified?
0:30:00 More Naked Zeta Talk
0:33:00 Martin Campbell, Up And Downs
0:36:45 Jaguar Fire?

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