Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 050 – Does Slumdog Millionaire Still Feel Rich 10 Years Later?

Slumdog Millionaire was the best picture winner of the films released in 2008, but does it still stand up ten years later? Lauren had never seen the film, and is taken with it as many of the audiences were back then, but Zac and Ben aren’t quite as sure anymore. Jon tells his life story in case you were curious about that, too. So jump in the hot seat, and revisit Slumdog Millionaire

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0:01:00 Jon Monologues About Slumdog Millionaire
0:08:30 Lauren Discusses Being Our Only First Time Viewer
0:11:33 The Flame Burns Dimmer This Time For Ben and Zac
0:21:00 The Morality Of Slumdog Millionaire
0:27:00 Discussing The Awards For The Film
0:34:00 The Music Of Slumdog
0:41:00 How Was This The “Feel Good” Movie Of 2008?

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