Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 047 – The Mission: Impossible – Fallout Is Great

This week we take our first trip to IMF with Mission: Impossible – Fallout! I have always been a big fan of this series and the latest delivers more of the goods, giving the top spot a run for its money. The action is incredible and Tom Cruise is doing all of it, what more can you ask for. We don’t perform any stunts while recording, but we hope you find this belated episode enjoyable.

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0:01:00 General Thoughts On The Mission: Impossible Franchise
0:03:25 Thoughts On Spy Films In General
0:09:30 Back To Mission: Impossible – Fallout
0:15:00 Dancing Around The Film’s Reveals And Discussing The Fun Of Twists And Turns
0:22:28 Spoilers For Mission: Impossible – Fallout
0:33:00 Discussing The Action Highlights

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