HST 2014 in Review: Movies

A week or two has passed now since most sites have posted their end of the year write-ups, and I still find myself debating what to put on my movie list. After much self degradation I have finally come to terms with the fact that my list will be nothing like that of the Oscar’s […]

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Dissecting Oblivion

After seeing Oblivion, Tom Cruise’s newest foray into the futuristic sci-fi genre, there is definitely a lot to talk about.  Like Andrea Riseborough’s pupils!  Read on to see just what Lauren and Zac deem worthy of discussion.

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For Your Renting Pleasure

As I go through the movies of 2012 that I didn’t manage to see while in theaters, I’m starting to realize that there’s probably a reason that I chose to skip out on some.  Because once they’re seen, things like Dark Shadows and Rock of Ages can’t be unseen.

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