Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 041 – Does Incredibles 2 Stay Incredible?

We are back with another episode of the podcast! We dive back into Pixar with their latest sequel, Incredibles 2. I was SUPER excited for this one and while I was a bit of a nitpicking nancy here, I am still a big fan; especially after a 2nd viewing! A lot of agreement here, maybe our most agreeable since Blade Runner 2049?, but good conversation comparing and contrasting the two Incredibles films. Also, we talk a lot about the new Pixar short, Bao, before the spoiler break; but beware of spoilers for that too.

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0:00:30 Incredibles 2 Spoiler Free Thoughts
0:07:00 Thoughts On The Action Set-Pieces
0:08:35 The Pixar Pantheon
0:12:15 Bao, Breaking Down The New Pixar Short (Spoilers)
0:18:55 Spoilers For Incredibles 2
0:19:00 Jon Rants About Themes
0:21:30 Talking The Villains Of Incredibles
0:23:15 Jack Jack Attacks
0:24:15 The Ending Of Incredibles 2
0:27:00 Jon Takes Us Down A Weird Tangent On The Intellectual Ability Of The New Supers
0:31:30 Also Brick Is A Woman
0:32:50 The Gender Roles Flip
0:34:30 Is The Film Undercooked On Character Development?

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