Concert Review: Underoath

Okay, let’s ignore the fact that this Underoath show was over a month ago. Can we all just celebrate the astounding fact of the matter: Underoath is back. When the first announced the reunion, it seemed like it was just to celebrate the anniversaries of They’re Only Chasing Safety and Define the Great Line. So to find out earlier on this year that they were releasing new music was a pleasant shock to fans everywhere. On the release of their first single, “On My Teeth”, it became clear this wasn’t the same Underoath. However, the evolution of the band, both sonically and personally didn’t seem to prevent the band from celebrating their roots, while also showing off their new found energy and resolve.

Their set consisted of an even spread from their discography, They’re Only Chasing Safety and onward, and also included several tracks from their latest release, Erase Me. While the band has been criticised for the drastic shift in sound, these songs never felt out of place amongst their older repertoire during their live set. Rather, the persistent energy and urgency Underoath had throughout their entire performance seemed to carry the audience’s engagement. Whether it was through blistering tracks like “Breathing in a New Mentality” or new song “It Has to Start Somewhere” or during the slow build of “Paper Lung” the momentum was unceasing. It didn’t hurt that they had stunning visual projections to accompany them. From the foreboding and somber images in outmoded blue and grey chroma, to distorted images of angelic statues superimposed on a blistering lime green background, they continue to show an elevated appreciation of their visual aesthetic compared to most of the contemporaries.

The highlight of the show was towards the end, when Spencer heartfully addressed the crowd about the reunion and the support that they have received since reforming and releasing their new album. He went more into his much documented previous struggle with drug addiction, and how the reforming of Underoath represents them at their happiest, healthiest, and most motivated. That spirit was evident throughout their set. This was a band that was revitalized. And the new music is a great representation of that. When Spencer sang the words to new song “Bloodlust”, about his former fight against addiction, the authenticity and energy was palpable in the room. It fed into the audience and strengthened the connection between them and the band. If this is a taste of what’s to come, then I am more than willing to renew my Underoath fervor and see what more the band has in store.

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