Movie Night with Lauren: Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015)

Other than the occasional animal bandanna seen donning the shoulders of certain students during elementary school, the Scouts was never something that held any interest for me. Granted had I known that the Boy Scouts could’ve prepared me for a zombie apocalypse I may have looked into finding a group welcoming to little girls.

Basic Synopsis: When a group of three Boy Scouts come back from a camping trip they’ve discovered that their town has been taken over by zombies. Now they must survive.

First Thought: Should there be an apostrophe in Scouts?

Second Thought: I really hope this movie didn’t just blow their whole budget on an Iggy Azalea song.

Overall Thoughts: I don’t know how Zombieland meets Moonrise Kingdom would go, but I wish Scouts Guide would’ve tried to find out.

With the quirkier feel and storytelling of a Wes Anderson movie, I’d imagine Scouts Guide would’ve explored what it is to be a scout on a far greater level. We would’ve gotten what the title promises, for starters, with their training coming into play. Think a blend of McGyver’s magical crafting skills, Kevin McCallister’s boobytrap prowess, and Zombieland‘s rule book. I know this is what I wanted, but this is not at all what we get (at least not until the climax of the movie when the Boy Scout’s motto finally makes an appearance).

Quick Question: Is anyone actually comfortable going to the bathroom with a window right behind them? Open or not, this might be the scariest part of the movie.

Randomly Awesome Quote:

Augie: “I can’t, I’m afraid of heights.”

Ben: “Be more afraid of zombies.”

This is actually some legit advice. If you applied it to something that’s real, obviously.

Final Thoughts: Scouts Guide isn’t all bad, but the big comedic moments often felt like they were written by teenage boys. Giant zombie boobs, old man penises, getting pantsed… If it’s juvenile, this movie has it. Though, surprisingly, no fart jokes.

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