TV Without Commercials: Game of Thrones 4.7

GameOfThronesHeaderMockingbird, the symbol of Peter Baelish, was an episode of hope.  Just as things seemed to be getting worse and worse for Tyrion Lannister and his wife Sansa Stark, things took a dramatic turn, and their futures got a little bit brighter.

What a relief it was to watch Lady Lysa get shoved through the moon door by Lord Baelish.  The only thing that could have made that moment more perfect would have been if Robyn was there to see his mother fly.  In some ways, it’s sad that Sansa lost her only Aunt, but not really because Lysa was insane.  If Peter hadn’t shown up to stop her, it’s pretty safe to assume that Sansa would have been the one flying through the moon door instead.  What kind of relationship will Peter Baelish and Sansa have now?  It seems like Peter’s intentions are pretty obvious, but I find it hard to believe that that is what Sansa wants.  Knowing Little Finger though, he might not have any intentions.  He very well could have kissed her because he knew Lysa would see it and act like the psychopath she is.  I just hope that he and Sansa find a way to get rid of Robyn next.  I really can’t stand him, but maybe without his insane mother encouraging him, he will become more tolerable.

Jon Snow returns from his expedition but nothing has changed at Castle Black.  None of the senior watchers agree with his idea of closing off the wall, and they love to remind him that he is still a steward.  Will Mance Ryder’s army reach castle black before the end of this season?  I sure hope so.

So Daario Naharis and Daenery’s are sleeping with each other.  Definitely did not see that coming.  I assumed that Daario would continue to pursue her, but I thought Daeny would always be telling him no.  She is human after all, but after the death of Khal Drogo it seemed as though she was above sex.  She had more important things to attend to than her own needs but obviously I was mistaken.  Now Jorah has another reason to dislike Daario.

I hope that The Hound and Arya never make it to the vale.  With Lysa being dead, there isn’t much point of them going there anymore, but news travels slowly in Westeros, especially when you don’t have a castle to receive ravens.  Along the way, Arya has become a pretty proficient killer but the Hound’s recent injury looks horrible, and of course he won’t let Arya burn it.  It was incredible to hear the story of how the Mountain held the Hounds face in an open fire when they were children from the Hound himself.  I can’t even imagine having your face burned in a fire like that, and by your own brother no less.  The Mountain is a true monster.  I just hope that the Hound’s wound doesn’t get worse.

The light at the end of Tyrion’s tunnel seemed to be slipping away as the episode went on.  The handshake with Bronn was extremely touching.  Then when he turned around and told Tyrion that he hoped to hear the songs of his victory over the mountain someday was practically tear jerking.  It seems as though this may be the last time we will ever see Bronn.  All of Tyrion’s hope appeared to have vanished with no champion to fight for him, then Oberyn came to visit.  His story of Tyrion as a baby was incredibly sad.  Not because Tyrion was born a dwarf, or even the horrible rumors about him being a monster with claws and a tail, but because of Cersei.  Cersei has always been vicious, even as a child and it appears that she has also always hated Tyrion.  To me that was the icing on the cake for my hatred of Cersei.  She had some redeeming qualities, like the love for her children and I have always liked Jaime, but I can’t believe she could be so ruthless to her own baby brother.  The reaction on Tyrion’s face when Oberyn told him that he would be his champion said everything I was feeling.  Oberyn is supposed to be an incredible warrior, but I don’t envy anyone who has to fight the Mountain.


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