TV Without Commercials: Game of Thrones 4.5

GameOfThronesHeaderTommen Baratheon, First of His Name, and the new king of Westeros.  Long may he reign.  Tommen is now the king of The Seven Kingdoms, and everyone seems much more optimistic about his reign than they were towards his brothers.

Even though it was Tommen’s ceremony we were witnessing the most important/interesting part did not involve Tommen at all.  It was the conversation between Margery and Cersei.  Despite Olenna Tyrell’s insistence last week, it looks as though Margery would have been made Queen no matter what games she played.  I was shocked at Cersei’s reaction when Margery referred to her being both mother and sister to her in a short period of time.  It was so refined.  I guess the death of her first son has changed her, maybe for the better.  Cersei’s discussion of the Iron Bank of Bravos with Tywin shed light on something that had only briefly been mentioned before.  The crown is in tremendous debt, and there was not very much talk in the way of planning how to get out of it.  I absolutely loved Tywin’s comparison of the bank to a temple.  I don’t think I have ever heard a metaphor the made me understand something more precisely.

Before I can talk about anything else I have to mention that Peter Baelish was actually behind everything.  He has been the puppet master behind what was going on this whole time and only Lysa Arryn knows about it.  The only reason Ned Stark was even brought to Kings Landing in the first place was all because of Peter Baelish.  He is working some kind of plan that I can only assume ends with making himself King.  Even though he has made some pretty incredible and game changing moves on his quest for the throne, he still seems pretty far from that goal.  He is also now married to Lysa which would seem to hinder him a great deal, but I have a feeling that was still part of the plan.  I’m glad to see that Lysa is just as crazy as we last saw her.  Her little visit with Sansa was down right terrifying.  Despite all her craziness, she did bring up a really good point.  Why is Peter doing all of this for Sansa Stark?  He loved her mother but that doesn’t really explain why he is risking everything by bringing her to the Erie. He is even going as far as bringing her luxuries like lemon cakes just to make her comfortable.  Poor Sansa too, she just escaped King’s Landing and her marriage to Tyrion only to be wedded to her cousin Robin which would be much worse.  She escaped the frying pan only to fall into the fire.

I thought that Daenerys was going to jump all over the opportunity to attack Westeros and reclaim the Iron Throne for house Targaryen amongst all of the chaos.  Instead she decided that she is going to remain in Meeren and do what queens do, rule.  I am slightly disappointed in her decision and I am also slightly concerned that her story arc could begin to get boring.  I hope that I am proved completely wrong, and I’m pretty confident I will be.

I can’t believe that after that whole battle with the Mutineers, Jon and Bran didn’t get to speak to one another.  Bran did get to see him though, and Jojen Reed is right.  Jon would have made him return to Castle Black for sure.  Still, I was waiting all week for them to see one another and I imagined a big happy rejoicing.  I should’ve known, this is Game of Thrones and there’s never any happy rejoicing.  I knew there was no way that Locke was trust worthy.  He just seemed to become a good guy way too quickly, and I noticed right away that he didn’t mention anything about Bran and the others to Jon after his scouting report.  Seeing Bran slip into Hodor’s body so easily, and take down Locke with such brutality was amazing.  He has an incredible gift and I can not wait to see what waits for him when they reach that massive weir wood tree.  I can’t help but feel terrible for Hodor though.  He seemed horrified at the blood on his hands.  I hope that Bran never needs to use him for something so violent ever again.


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