TV Without Commercials: Game of Thrones 4.3

GameOfThronesHeaderBreaker of Chains finally let us see Danny’s badassness that we have been craving.  I don’t know what it is, but there is something about hearing her yell in a made up language that gives me chills every single time.Whenever they close the show with Daenerys, you know it’s going to be good.  Some of the most exciting episodes of the series have always ended with Daenerys doing something breath taking, but I’m pretty sure this was the first time it didn’t involve her dragons. This time it was all about her.  Her message to the slaves was so powerful, but the smashing of the barrels filled with broken collars and shackles trumped that with ease.  Actions always speak louder than words, and that was a textbook example of why.  The city of Mereen has no idea what’s waiting for them and I cannot wait to see the inevitable battle to breach their impressive looking walls.

Inside Kings Landing, Joffrey is still dead and Tyrion is still taking the blame.  The conversation between Tommen and Tywin could not have said more about Tywin’s character.  Joffrey’s body lay directly between the Tywin and Tommen but it was as though neither of them noticed.  Meanwhile Cersei looked horribly distraught, and her hatred of Tyrion appears to be the only thing stronger than her love of Joffrey.  I can’t see Jaime murdering Tyrion for her, but I also never thought he would force ably make love to her right in front their dead son either.  It looks as though Little Finger was the one who was actually behind Joffrey’s death.  He does want to be the king after all but for now that still seems next to impossible, but so did Little Finger poisoning Joffrey.  I wonder what his plan is with Sansa, and where he will take her.

I don’t know what I was thinking when the hound said honest pay for honest work.  I guess I thought he was actually going to do what he said since he looked the farmer in the eye and everything.  I would imagine Arya probably felt the same way I did as she walked behind him.  I seriously don’t know what I was thinking, there’s no way the Hound could become a simple farmer, and I like how he explained how both of them would be dead by winter.  It was a great reminder of the type of person he really is.

Oberyn and Tywin could not be more different from one another but that makes their conversations much more interesting. It seems to0 good to be true that Oberyn would forgive Tywin so quickly for the tragic events of his sister’s death.  Tywin is awfully good at politics though, so maybe he was able to convince Oberyn that the blame lies solely on the Mountain.  It appears as though both Tywin and Oberyn will be judges for Tyrion’s trial, and it also sounds like we may see the Mountain for the first time since season one.  I know Podrick told Tyrion that he would have to wait a fortnight for  his trial to begin, but I really hope this isn’t going to be one of those things we end up waiting an entire season for.

For the first time we can truly understand where everyone’s animosity towards the Wildlings comes from.  The Thenns are terrifying and we have no idea just how many of them make up Mance Rayder’s massive army.  How soon will Ygritte and the Thenns arrive at castle black and will the brothers of the Night’s Watch be able to stop them?  Even more terrifying is that we have seen the size of the Wildling army with our own eyes and no army stands a chance against that, let alone the hundred men who make up the Night’s Watch.  The wall has been able to keep them from coming south for ages, but the chances of the Wildlings staying north don’t look so promising.


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