TV Review: Looking Season 1 Finale – Looking Glass

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Looking finishes off its first season with its most emotionally complex episode yet and leaves the door open for a lot of directions in season 2.

I missed reviewing the show last week due to the Oscars, but the fall out between Richie and Patrick, and Kevin in turn kissing Patrick and his sister’s wedding were the major developments for our lead lover. Seeing Richie rebuff Patrick at the start of the episode hurts, and while I don’t think Richie was calling it quits, I don’t know if I entirely blame Patrick for taking it that way. That said, running into his boss’s arms and succumbing to his work flirt is only going to cause problems everywhere in Patrick’s life. I mean, what was he thinking? Kevin all of a sudden lusting after Patrick seems a bit artificial for the sake of drama, but all of the actors involved do a fantastic job of selling these growing relationships that we never worry about that in the moment. After just eight episodes, all these guys feel so real and it pains me to see Patrick fucking up so royally, even if that isn’t his intention. Jonathan Groff has some great moments in this episode, but none resonated as strongly as that look at the necklace after sleeping with Kevin. Great stuff with Patrick, who has really grown on me, and in the show, over the course of the season. I greatly look forward to where they pick up with him in season 2.

Speaking of growing on me, Agustín has his best episode yet, and I think that is basically because of the reality bomb Frank drops on him. Poor Frank. Yeah, he was a little harsh with Agustín, but he pretty much deserved it. Frank was one of my favorites and he will be greatly missed if he, likely, doesn’t return for season 2 after the break up. But back to Agustín. He doesn’t have a lot to do this episode, but Frankie J. Alvarez is great playing the chemically assisted, broken-hearted lover making his way to The City from Oakland. The shot of Alvarez tripping out on the Bart in the tunnel took him up a few notches in my book alone, but while he was still kind of annoying, and has been a major asshole for most of the series, you could really feel and buy into his friendship with Dom and Patrick. He is supportive and truthful, and even though that might hurt, that is an important quality in a friend. I am glad they might be nixing the whole artist thing for Agustín by the way, and I hope the give him a clean slate to work from next season. Bring back Frank!

Dom’s pop-up with Lynn is the last thread of the week and it was tough to watch these two dance around one another. It’s great to see Dom living out his dream, but it hurts to see him slighted by Lynn who Dom is finally ready to have a relationship with. Previously, it has felt like Dom has been lusting for Lynn out of necessity, but here it felt genuine. You can’t be mad at Lynn for putting up a wall though and I loved the subtle tearing of that down when Lynn proclaimed that he and Dom should end their professional relationship; so they can start a romantic one. At least, that is what I hope. Lynn did go in for a second kiss. Lauren Weedman also deserves special mention for fleshing out a full character in Lois over the course of her brief screen time this season while almost constantly providing some great comedic relief. It was her warm, earnest moment with Lynn that really won me over in this episode though, and I am ecstatic she has been picked up full time for season 2. Now lets just hope Dom’s Perry Perry Chicken place gets picked up as well.

Looking really became a great show over the course of its first season and it has populated San Francisco with a bunch of great characters I want to tune in with every week. Season 2 is a go and I can’t wait to see where they take these three guys. Patrick was the only person given a full blown character arc over the course of the season 1, but now that the show has established itself so strongly I hope to see similar growth for Dom and Agustín next season. Looking is a great little show and I hope everyone is enjoying it as much as I am.

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