TV Review: Girls 310 – Role-Play

Girls finally finds that wedge to put between Adam and Hannah, and it’s something I never imagined to be a problem for the two, sex.

Well, actually, it is only a problem for one of them, I think, and that is Hannah. Hannah’s confidence is spiraling after a lack of concern from Adam when she drunkenly crashes at her co-worker Joe’s place. Adam is wrapped up in preparing for his role, Hannah was told this would happen, but it is no surprise when she tries to inject some spice back into their sex life. Now, that’s not to say that her attempts didn’t work, but she takes things too far when she starts thinking she knows what Adam wants and actually doesn’t. Hannah’s lack of understanding Adam when she proclaims to be in such deep love with him is what will ultimately be their downfall I imagine, but I hope she appreciates he is looking out for the both of them (even if it is mostly himself) when he decides to move in with Ray till the play starts. Adam understands what he needs and I would like to give him the benefit of the the doubt that he understands his selfishness needed to prepare is going to be bad for both of them in the long run. Still, it would have been great if they could have worked a way out to still live together, but Hannah’s jumping to conclusions was getting in the way, per usual. Their fake fighting during the role-play was one of the funniest things the show has done all season, just FYI.

Seeing Jessa this way was very upsetting in the episode, mostly because I have been rooting for her all season. Yeah, being a junkie isn’t a good look for her, but at least she is usually funny. Instead she just comes across as mean and selfish when Shos hooks up Jessa’s drug buddy, Jasper, with his estranged daughter Dottie. Dot is a fucking mess and seeing Jessa tear into her is not fun to watch. This is the ugliest Jessa has ever been by my recollection, but you have to give props to Shos for knowing how to put her cousin in her place. I don’t know where Jessa goes from here, sadly jail is still an option after her theft two episodes ago, but hopefully its not any further down and instead she can find her way back up. That shot of Jessa taking her first drag of that cigarette was gorgeous by the way, props to the technical team on that one.

Over in Marnie’s world things look slightly up before taking two steps back right away. She gets a job working at Soo Jin’s new gallery, but she has to take on an assistants role that requires her to be “more qualified” than her boss. One step back. Then, after a bit of a song writing/confidence boosting session with Desi her heart swoons only to reminded he has a girlfriend named Clementine. Two steps back. The icing on that shitty cake is that Hannah and Adam have surely left Marnie’s apartment dirtier than her standards as Hannah borrowed it for their little sex games and who knows where Adam’s condom ended up. Three steps back. Poor Marnie, when will you ever find what you are looking for.

Girls continues to roll in this great third season and the drama seems to be finally spiking between Hannah and Adam. I don’t like it. Jessa is in a dark place, Marnie is stuck in Marnie’s world and I don’t know how much more Shos can take of her cousin. We are heading in some dangerous directions for the group as we near the finale, at least we can take solace in the fact that Andrew Rannells seems to be back for good?

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