TV Review: Looking 104 – Looking for $220/Hour

Looking Header
Looking has the boys trying to find a little more stability for their footing in life this week, maybe having to change the way they have always done things.

Poor Patrick and his puppy loving heart. Seeing him work flirt with Kevin, on a Sunday of all days, doing whatever he can to try and impress his boss might pay of professionally, but we can see why he is really busting his ass. Agustín is right when he calls Patrick out for living in a fantasy relationship with Kevin at work, but there is something there; never more telling than the crushed look on Kevin’s face when Patrick decides to pack it in and enjoy the leather holiday. This is a good thing for Patrick, but I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for Kevin and how crushed he looked. Things only get better as the night goes on for Patrick, when he runs into “still cut” Richie at the bar and gets up the guts to go and apologize, with a little help from Frank, for his behavior the other day. I was elated for the two at the end of the episode and I am happy to have Richie back on the show. One last thing here, how is Frank not a full time part of the show? He is so much more interesting than Agustín and everytime he pops up I just want more of him.

Speaking of Agustín, he follows up with his Rentboy acquaintance C.J. and I was surprised to find that Agustín is more concerned with him for an artistic purpose and not in a how do I become a sex worker purpose. It’s unclear exactly what Agustín has in mind, he doesn’t really know yet either, but I’m not sure how interesting Agustín making a documentary about the psychiatric nature of a sex worker is going to play out. Maybe it will be compelling, but I can’t see how at this point. I just don’t want the other shoe to drop on Agustín and Frank and then we never see everyone’s favorite boyfriend again. I still haven’t ruled out that C.J. has Agustín pegged though, and that Agustín just wants to fuck him.

Dom has a more laid back day than the boys over at the Folsom Street Fair as he tracks down Lynn from the steam room to inquisite him about starting a business in an expensive city like San Francisco. I love that everyone has the same reaction to Dom’s idea of a peri-peri chicken, “Huh?”, but I felt a little bit sad for Lynn who seems a bit burned that Dom doesn’t want to date him. Scott Bakula is so charming and a great match for Dom, so I was disappointed to see the romance fizzled between the two this week. Still, I like that Lynn challenges Dom to assert himself beyond trying to woo his way into a business plan with some dinner as the two’s dynamic is one I hope we get to see more of going forward. Hopefully Dom continues to do a little more growing up as well as he creeps towards 40.

Another solid episode of Looking this week that feels even more lived in and natural than any of the previous episodes. All three of our leads remain compelling as they slowly expand and ground the world behind them. Again, I find myself wanting more and more from some of the side characters and the show does feel even less insular this week, but as long as the leads’ stories remain compelling they can slowly peel back the outer layers.

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